oktober 2023
After a year of hard work, our project Technical centre for the city of Mortsel is progressing!!
Shoutout to the general contractor ‘Dhulst nv



oktober 2023
We are very honored to be selected by the urban planning department of the city of Mortsel, to join their ‘Quality Chamber’ for 2023-2024, and be able to give our advice and  knowledge to the future projects in the city of Mortsel.


16 june 2023
Today we officially graduated in our Postgraduate study ‘Circulair bouwen’ at the HOWEST, university of applied science!!
After a year of hard study we are now experts in circular architecture. We graduated with our casy study on the circular development of the new Administrative Centre of the city of Dendermonde and it’s surrounding buildings, Dendermonde, B.




We wrote an opinion article in on the topic: ‘make the current way of building no longer possible’.
The article is a call for the obligatory use of more biobased building materials in the building industry as a catalyst for the development of a more circular economy.




oktober 2022
Excited to announce the start of our project Technical Centre in Mortsel, B in mid october 2022!!


We started our Postgraduate study ‘Circulair bouwen’ at the HOWEST, university of applied science!
It’s going to be an exciting and interesting year!



Excited to announce the start of our project TC Meise beginning of april 2022!!

Proud to open the exhibition ‘The Exploded View’ with an explanation about our bio-ecological warehouse ‘loods Pannecoucke’ in PD Palingbeek, Ypres
together with Biobased Creations, Pascal Leboucq and BAST architects & engineers.

Still on display at Acasus, Provincial Center for Sustainable Building in Veurne until April 15 2022!



Stil(l)architecture participates in the panel discussion at the seminar on environmentally friendly building materials at ARCHITECT@WORK, organized by the Order of Architects – Flemish Council and moderated by Rik Neven of and
The full article can be viewed at:


Stil(l)architecture participates in the green deal circular building of the Flemish Government with our project BIO-ECOLOGICAL & CIRCULAR BASED NEW HANGAR
More info on